Assets Search


Our information is accurate, real-time & 100% GLB compliant.

  • Standard Bank Search - Includes ONE Bank locate with all active accounts.
  • Statewide Bank Search - Includes all Banks within a specific state with all accounts.
  •  Nationwide Bank Search - Includes all Bank Accounts Located Nationwide.
  • Nationwide Brokerage Search for Stocks & Bonds
  • Nationwide Bank & Brokerage Search - Includes all accounts Nationwide.
  • Safe Deposit Box Search by Name, Last Known Address & SS# -
  • Off Shore / International Assets / Banks - Depends On Country - Please Call.

 - Please Call for Pricing - 

Data is collected from multiple public records sources including Real Property Records, Motor Vehicle Records, Boat Registrations, Stock and Aircraft records, etc...

We also specialize in U.S. and International Telephone/Cellular Investigations, Employment Locates, Skip Tracing & Asset Investigations.  We supply guaranteed accurate information researched by live investigators – No stale database information. 

Why use Agency One Investigations, is this legal? 

We abide by all federal and state laws, including the GLB Act, FCRA and the FDCPA.  During our investigation, we do not pretext the consumer, bank or financial institution.  The GLB Act does not prohibit bank searches; it just makes pre-texting financial institutions & consumers unlawful.  Agency One and our investigators use several methods while identifying assets, one of which is access to a database that is used by banks and financial institutions that screens all potential new customers before an account is opened.

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